"waiting, be patient and do nothing" (2008 - )


In 2008, Ingrid Cogne decided to work with the factor space in order to create /recreate time. This approach is connected to the notions of activity, production, effectivity and efficiency.


She started this process within a relation to Japan due to the notion of MA; especially its double use in NÔ Theater (time in between – that Ingrid Cogne connects to the action of waiting) and in Architecture (space as an absence).  Since 2008, Ingrid Cogne has been displacing herself there at least once a year. This project – as some of her other works – invites in a double distanciation (in relation to her own practice and to the one who meets her works).


Ingrid Cogne has different practices applied in the project “waiting, be patient and do nothing” such as “getting lost” and has a rule: she can work on that project only when she is in Japan or in the performing situation of her project CONVERSATION.


'waiting, be patient and do nothing' and the practices related to it, will integrate and be developed in the context of Ingrid Cogne’s PhD studies entitled Displacement(s) as Method(s).



Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Supported by: L’institut (Tokyo, Japan) and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (travel grant)