VBS1 (2008)


VBS1 is a solo created to discuss the relationships between dance / movement /choreography through the parallelism and antagonism with another physical activity called Volleyball. Ingrid Cogne based her process on her motor memory.

“To question the movement, its setting in choreography as well as its quality, I chose as starting point the gesture, the movements and displacements that my body, my muscles, my motor ability have been marked with the practice I had – when I was younger – as a volley-ball player (setter). Even if I started to dance when I was 3 years old, I went through the practice of some sports, and played among others Volleyball in national league 2 (for 6 years). In VBS1, I worked with the combination or the conflict in between different body memories in a same body.”IC


Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne

Supported by: Weld



June 2008, TDB Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne - Salle Jacques Fornier (Dijon, France)