Started in 2009, it will last for years.


Surf the city is a project that deals with time in a large sense.

Surf the city aims to:

- develop a free everyday life practice that could be used in public transports, in everybody’s professional environment

- think and be critical toward the conditioning and activities of production going on

- be proactive and invite to the thinking of parallelisms (physically, conceptually and ideologically) in between the activities of surfing the wave and surfing the city/ the system.

- activate the organization of the self in a constantly moving and manipulating situation.


Some dates:

Spring 2013, IC developed SURF THE CITY - BOOKLET during Going Public, Konstfack (Stockholm, Sweden)

In November 2012, Ingrid Cogne received the International Choreography grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee – to develop Surf the city abroad.

In 2010, IC contributed in a collective publication titled The Sea Exhibition. Several works, using text and series of pictures, invited the readers into the process of Surf the city.

In 2009 IC started Surf the city as a daily practice in the subway, in Stockholm.