Spectator (2008 - )


Spectator is a proposal/ format of search that aims to identify who is “my spectator” in a broad approach. Through observing other artists’ spectators, I am interested in analyzing how a spectator in an audience exists through the format of a group according to the work proposed in the specific context of a big institution. “ IC


Spectator is a part of a search/research project Ingrid Cogne started to articulate in 2008, entitled: The position and positioning of the spectator(s) in between black box and white cube. Spectator(s) in between interaction, activity and activation.


With a residency at the House of Dance Stockholm Ingrid Cogne was interested in

focusing on the analysis of her own process in the specific context of a big institution and in

identifying another format of meeting with an audience that could combine theory and practice in an accessible format.


In autumn 2010 took place the first part of Ingrid Cogne residency at the House of dance Stockholm. She worked on the identification of a protocol for the second part of the residency. By observing what activates herself as an audience and studying how other persons seating in the same context as her react, she tried to place herself in a position in between spectator and observer.

Ingrid Cogne decided for the second part of her residency at the House of Dance Stockholm (Spring 2011) to involve others – actually 11 persons/spectators of the house of dance Stockholm selected after an open call joined her process. Those guests became “filters” in between the works presented on stage and Ingrid Cogne. The format:

After each piece/performance, one of the guests was invited to look at; he/ she had a “one and one” 40 minutes conversation with Ingrid Cogne. In parallel to that process, Ingrid Cogne was in dialog, for different reasons and perspectives with: Cecilia Olsson and Susanne Höglin.


The collected Data and articulated thought will integrate and be developed in the context of Ingrid Cogne’s PhD studies entitled Displacement(s) as Method(s).


Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Supported by: The House of Dance Stockholm