RESTES (2010)


By “restes” Ingrid Cogne means, leftovers, traces, residues, memories… The confusion can occur in the “what” the objects of the exhibition really are. The goal was not to create traces as objects. The ambition was to present a process of creation. The challenge was to use the method of recycling. In order to really focus on the process, the material/tools were Ingrid Cogne former works – created in/for the specific context of a black box; as well as materials belonging her two invited collaborators Olof Broström and Håkan Magnusson. The project was not production-oriented. The one-week process aimed to work on its own transparency.


The work RESTES is a proposal that questions the access a spectator can have to the process of creation of an artist through the meeting with a work of Art.


RESTES is the result of a one-week process of working. XX pair of shoes, XX kilograms of flour, XX plastic bottles, XX toy horses, XX chairs, XX colored boxes… moved back and forth to create new rooms. Remained at the end traces of this process. New “spaces” developed in the old room, old “spaces” stayed in the new room.


The context: One gallery (3 rooms), One-week process for the creation/realization

One initiator: Ingrid Cogne (choreographic artist)

Two collaborators: Håkan Magnusson (set and costume designer); Olof Broström (visual artist).



August- September 2010, Skånes Konstförening (Malmö, Sweden)