I.D. (2010)


Let’s start with a really simple statement: A meeting is the activity of the in between. The in between is not a person. A room is empty until someone enters this space. The space becomes a place at that moment. When another person enters the room something happens in between them. The interval between objects or subjects comprises both emptiness and the in between. The in between organizes the process of movement from one place to another. The in between is where something can appear, pass and disappear and is the sign of the ephemeral. The in between is at the same time a gap and a wall.


Let’s focus on the human scale. Before people can even meet each other, there has to be a sensus communis. The first media of “meeting” is languages. Bodily and spoken languages are codes of communication. From one language to another, ID aims to create a sort of emptiness and open up a multiplicity of perspectives. From one language to another, ID aims to measure the effects and affects on identities and personalities of the same.


Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne

Supported by: Weld



May 2010,  MADE Festival (Umeå, Sweden)

April 2010, Weld (Stockholm, Sweden)