forskning (2012)


forskning means research in Swedish. On stage: a French artist-choreographer and a French scientist in neurophysiology. Each of them uses but also displaces the knowledge, skills and methods specific to their own field in order to feed this collaboration. Together they are developing a series of works; challenging the use of the term “research” to describe an activity, as well as the relation between processes and artistic proposals. They have until now created two performances (one in 2008, the second in 2012) in which they question the notions of stillness and movement from the perspective of their respective disciplines and processes: arts vs. sciences.
After four years, Ingrid Cogne and Julien Ochala wanted to enter this collaboration and series of work with a different perspective. How to let the specificity of science activates creativity? The ambition: to create a choreography of knowledge and challenge the presentation and representation of scientific research. The proposal: a room of movement and transparency (the scenography derives from the work Presque, part of the solo exhibition titled RESTES Ingrid Cogne had at Skånes konstförening in 2010). 
Based on time and timing, in between abstraction and reality of the “inner” and the form, the composition relies on the relation between bodies, objects and knowledge. Ingrid Cogne and Julien Ochala dramaturgically challenge in that piece the relation concrete-abstract in a specific movement of body and objects and amplify the scale of the relation specificity and generality. 

forskning (2012) is composed by: one choreography (stage presented) and a booklet (given to the spectators) directly connected to the performance. 

Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne and Julien Ochala

Soundtrack by Rasmus West
Light Design by Stefan Konradsson
Design booklet by Ingrid Cogne and Aron Kullander-Östling

Supported by:  The culture committee Stockholm, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Fabric Potsdam, Weld, CCAP.



October 2012, eXplore dance festival (Romania)

March 2012, House of Dance Stockholm (Sweden)