forskning (2008)


How a Choreographic Artist and a Scientist in Neurophysiology approach together the notion of immobility. Immobility is the clinical manifestation of the diseases studied by Julien Ochala (the Myopathies). Ingrid Cogne and Julien Ochala engaged a work that aimed to compare theirs approaches of this notion. Each of them used the knowledge, skills and methods specific to their own field in order to feed an approach of this notion. They focused on the vulgarization of Julien Ochala’s knowledge as well as on the identification of an appropriate gestural illustration.

forskning means research in Swedish. This proposal also challenges the use of the term “research” to describe an activity, as well as the relation between a process and an artistic proposal. The decided protocol of work lasted 16 hours (2 hours, each week during 2 months) prior to the meeting with an audience, due to their parallel professional activities.

Statement: “forskning is based on what I call the “virtuosity of the specialist” and on the displacement of the contents of our respective activities from the Science and Art fields. By inviting Julien Ochala in an artistic context of meeting with an audience, I propose, among others, my eyes on the relation between Dance, Movement and Choreography. Somehow a person who is not a performer can compensate by an enormous knowledgeability.” IC


Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne and Julien Ochala

Light design by Josefin Hinders

Supported by: Weld



October 2012, eXplore dance festival (Romania)

March 2012, House of Dance Stockholm (Sweden)

October 2010, Residency program Fabrik Potsdam (Germany)

September 2010, Symposium Narratives of Health and Illness - Uppsala University (Sweden)

May 2010, Conference Bodily Phenomenology - Södertörn University (Sweden)

December 2008, Weld (Stockholm, Sweden)