2 min CONVERSATION on “waiting, be patient and do nothing”


CONVERSATION is the consequence of a questioning on the positions and positioning the relation artist - spectator creates. The first media of “meeting”- especially with an audience - is languages. Ingrid cogne is interested in the format of talks in between theory and practice.


CONVERSATION is a collect of data on « Waiting, be patient and do nothing » through the format of 2 min conversations with one spectator at a time. The duration is thought to not be too heavy. 2 minutes is a duration we are not afraid to give / risk / lose (we have references to this duration - the waiting in the subway is often in between 1 & 4 minutes...).


CONVERSATION is a series of long duration performances (3 hours).


Concept: Ingrid Cogne

Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne



October 2011, The Curatorial Program - LocoMotion (Skopje, Macedonia)

February 2011, SUPERMARKET 2011 (Stockholm, Sweden)

October 2010, The waiting room at Direktorenhaus (Berlin, Germany)

May 2010, MADE festival (Umeå, Sweden)