BOULE (2011 - )


BOULE is a series of situations that uses the displacement of an activity - outdoor to indoor; past to the present…- to question the relation practice/ movement/ dance/ choreography. Focusing on the triangle: artist, spectator and work of art, BOULE is a collective work, for a specific duration.


“By using marbles and marble games I invite people to engage themselves both physically and intellectually to think, rethink and create movement(s) - together or not (it means: to have a collective practice without any forced or needed interaction)”. IC


BOULE takes different forms, formats and is displayed in divers contexts.



Concept: Ingrid Cogne






28 November - 1 December 2011: (re)thinking improvisation, Inter Arts Center (Malmö, Sweden)

28 October 2011, The Curatorial Program - LocoMotion (Skopje, Macedonia)


1-6 March 2011, Improvisera Staden, Arkitekturmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden)

Kollektiv Kulspell (situation) performed and facilitated by: Ingrid Cogne, Kajsa Sandström and the visitors. Duration: one hour

Tunnelbana (installation) created by: Ingrid Cogne and julien Ochala