black box (2009)


A Solo performance in the Dark - For 2 Persons in the Audience


“Could a work be less about sensation and feeling than aesthetic experience? Interested by the perception of information, I offered my eyes on a specific context: the black box. In this proposal, I questioned the meeting between the view an artist can propose and the perception a spectator (a person in the audience) can have. I questioned the content but also the combination, the choreography of the data and elements. The proposal was created for an audience composed of two individuals. Most of the performance occurs in the dark.” IC


black box meets the “Black square” of Kazimir Malevich (1915). This proposal was an answer to a command of a solo based on the choice of a painting and related to the context of the Kurbas Theater in Kiev.



February 2009, Kurbas Centre (Kiev, Ukraine)