a double process (2012)


a double process is what Ingrid Cogne is working on … Her interest: To create a time-lapse in suspension. A statement for this double process could be: in order to create magic you have to be present. The questioning of the notions of presence, physicality and virtuosity will be the real content of the presented soli. The expectation of a double process: to increase the potentiality of getting lost.


2 soli created in parallel and in collaboration with 2 performers: Anna Pehrsson (dancer) and Erik Åberg (jongleur). A positioning regarding inviting others in her work: to respect the statement she made in the last solo she created 2010 titled I.D.: to do not create any solo for herself anymore to stop what she calls the ‘spiral of doing myself’ that has been the sustainability of her professional activities the past 6 years.


The 2 soli are pieces part of a series of double processes thought as a playground where each solo will propose an organization of the chaos. By progressing with slowness or regression, Ingrid Cogne has the ambition to, with the support of a ‘hasard raisonné, challenge the relations time-space, process-product and theory-practice in the in between two processes.


Questions: How a silent language could create an economy that exceeds the declared resources of the classical logos? How to facilitate the bob up of details that will escape the representation and manifest themselves out of the control of knowledge and skills?



On stage: Anna Pehrsson and Erik Åberg

Off stage: Ingrid Cogne

Light design by Ingrid Cogne and Josefin Hinders

Supported by: Weld



May 2012, Weld (Sweden)