1977 (FR/SE)


[Selection done January 2014]


French Artist – Choreographer based in Stockholm

Junior Researcher at the Academy of fine arts Vienna - PhD in practice (2011 -         )

Junior Researcher at the University Lille 3 - CEAC (2012 -         )

Defended a master thesis in Dance Anthropology in 2004

Graduate in Didactic and Motor Activity in 2001



2013: Shall we talk about time or fear?, lecture-performance, Platform, Vaasa, FI

2013: horizon, performance, Konstens natt 8-8, Vaasa, FI

2013: move and be moved, performance, Platform/Varikkogalleria, Seinäjoki, FI

2013: forskning, from a black box to a table, performance and installation, Mumok Kino, Vienna, AT

2013: Surf the city – BOOKLET, poster and model, Konstfack under Going Public, Stockholm, SE

2013: Transparence, installation, group exhibition, Temporära konsthallen, Nacka, SE

2013: Mourning, installation, group exhibition, Temporära konsthallen, Nacka, SE

2012: ID2, from a black box to a table, performance, DG12, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT

2012: a double process, choreographic proposal, Weld, Stockholm, SE

2012: series forskning, House of Dance, Stockholm

2011: BOULE, situation, The Curatorial Program, Skopje, MK

2011: Kollektiv kulspel, situation, Arkitekturmuseet under improvisera staden, Stockholm

2011: Tunnelbana, installation, Arkitekturmuseet under improvisera staden, Stockholm

2011: CONVERSATION, performance, Supermarket, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2010: I.D., choreographic proposal, Weld, Stockholm

2010: RESTES, solo exhibition, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, SE

2010: 2 min CONVERSATION on “waiting, be patient and do nothing”, Direktorenhaus, Berlin, DE

2009: ENDAGMEDINGRID, Weld, Stockholm

2009: Black box, choreographic proposal, Kurbas Centre, Kiev, UA

2008: forskning, choreographic proposal, Weld, Stockholm

2008: Poudré(e) La suite, installation, Weld, Stockholm

2008: Poudré(e)s 11, choreographic proposal, Weld, Stockholm

2008: VBS1, choreographic proposal, TDB Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne - Salle Jacques Fornier, FR



2013: Unreasonable interference. The ground, the benches, performance, with Elske Rosenfeld, Mumok Kino, Vienna

2012: Circulation I-IV (video works) with Sybrig Dokter, Vlod Kaufman, Sergiy Petlyuk, Lviv, Ukraine

2011: SPELLS - The Surface Collection at Galleri Mejan, Stockholm

2011: Le bistrot du coin with Maya Boquet, Pa-f, FR

2011: (RE-)PRESENTATION with Rasmus West, Umeå – Stockholm

2011: WFOW with Anna Koch, Sybrig Dokter and Rasmus West, Weld, Stockholm

2011: VIT &SNÖ (dance film) with Kajsa Sandström, Umeå

2011: Spegel Station with Kajsa Sandström, Arkitekturmuseet under improvisera staden, Stockholm

2010: Weld far out west, Gothenburg festival, SE

2010: SPELLS-Vattenfall, Fashionplay#8, Stockholm

2010: One day Statement with Sybrig Dokter, Supermarket - Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2009: Möte09 with Anders Jacobson, Johan Thelander & more, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå, Malmö



2012: Pact Zollverein, The order of things (Germany)

2012: Pa-f: Le bistrot du coin (France)

2012: Pompidou - Metz (France)

2011: Pa-f: Le bistrot du coin (France)

2010-11: The House of Dance Stockholm: Spectator (Sweden)

2010: Fabrik Potsdam: forskning (Germany)

2010: Dans Centrum Norr: Spegelbesök (Sweden)

2010: MDT: VBD1 (Sweden)

2010: L’Institut Tokyo: “waiting, be patient and do nothing” (Japan)

2010: Weld: I.D. (Sweden)

2008: Weld: forskning (Sweden)

2008: Weld: Poudré(e)s 11 (Sweden)

2007: Weld: VBS1 (Sweden)



2013: performance-lecture at the not now! now! conference, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2013: the 2013 Arts Conference with Displacement of perception; soft provocation for movement in representations and structures, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

2012: on artistic research conference – with A manifesto of sorts, EARN researchers at DOCUMENTA(13)

2011: (re-)thinking improvisation – with BOULE at Inter Arts Center, Lund University

2010: Bodily Phenomenology – with forskning at Södertörn University

2010: Symposium Narratives of Health and Illness – with forskning at Uppsala University

2009: Self-Organized Conference at INPEX, IASPIS Stockholm



2013: supervisor for the course Introduction to Artistic Research, Course Leader Rolf Hughes at

Konstfack, University College of Arts, crafts and Design, Stockholm

2012: workshop “on choreography” in collaboration with Mette Edvardsen, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2012: seminar “on perception” in collaboration with Anette Baldauf and Yasmine Eld-Sabbagh, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2012: Go to the format – design the format, go to the theme – decide the theme, do it in collaboration with Elske Rosenfeld and Giulia Cilla, EARN researchers at DOCUMENTA(13), Kassel

2012: Supervisor for the Master Programme in New Performative Practices, DOCH, Stockholm

2012: facilitator of the Research-Workshop ?... at the Intersection of Art and Science, at Tanzquartier, Wien

2011: Fast Forward (dance and dramaturgy), co-facilitator with Ivana Ivkovic, Skopje

2010: Possibilities of the urban space in collaboration with Anna Koch, Kedja, Umeå



2012: Dream PhD - A manifesto of sorts in Doing research, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, No. 3

2011: Proposal to step in the analysis of data – Ingrid Cogne with Cecilia Olsson in TSDH3

2011: Next Wave in 14 Minutes, In search for wave, The Wave Wikipedia in The Sea Exhibition

2010: J3 A CHORUS LINE in The Swedish Dance History2

2009: Möte09 report & toolbox

2009: The Swedish Dance History

2008: Architecture//Choreography In International Festival: Everything Is Turning To Gold

2004: Danse et arts plastiques: une histoire de rencontres - master thesis, Univ. Clermont-Ferrand


Artistic Grants

2013: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - travel grant Austria

2012: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - International choreography

2012: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - international exchange for forskning at eXplore dance festival

2012: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - travel grant France

2012: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - working grant

2012: The culture committee Stockholm - project grant for forskning

2012: SCAM - Brouillon d'un rêve sonore for Le bistrot du coin

2012: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - residency program at Pa-f  for Le bistrot du coin

2011: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - residency program at Pa-f for Le bistrot du coin

2011: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - travel grant France

2010: The culture committee Stockholm - project grant for VBD1

2009: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - travel grant Japan


Academic fellowship

2013: Graduate Scholar Award for the 2013 Arts Conference


Dance maker - Performer - Invited artist

2010: Speech Practice: Disassembling Voice – S. Hallmann & A. Lengerer, IASPIS, Stockholm

2010: Annonciation – Mié Coquempot, Paris, FR

2010: For your eyes only – Peter Stamer, Weld, Stockholm

2009: Value (SE-UA)

2009: A special evening with C. Ruth, Kulturstudion, Stockholm

2009: Hairdance – Mié Coquempot (dance film)

2008: One for Anna, Ingo, Ingrid, Katarina, Marie and Staffan 180’ – M. Lindström, Weld, Stockholm

2007: EX-changing… – Sara Gebran, Weld, MDT, Stockholm

2007: White Lines – Marina Rosenfeld, Weld, Stockholm

2004: Déplacements dans le paysage - Simone Forti, Association Sentiers, Alès, FR



2013: Fläkt – Emma Ribbing, festival:display 2013, Weld, Stockholm

2012: Member of the commission ‘prüfungssenat’ PhD in practice - ]a[ academy of fine arts Vienna

2008-11: Board Member of Hybris Konstproduktion

2010: Spegel workshop – Kajsa Sandström, Botkyrka

2010: I denna ljuva – Marika Hedemyr, Gothenburg

2010: Panel of Deconstruktion – W.I.S.P., NO, Umeå

2010: 3K Dansbyrån, Gothenburg

2009: 8.66 – Anna Koch, Weld, Stockholm

2009: Declaration of desires - MELO, Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm

2008: Les Chaussettes – Johan Thelander, DOCH, Stockholm

2007: Utdrag…– Johan Thelander, Weld, Fylkingen, Stockholm

2005: Explorare-exprimare - Claire Plénat, CNR Dijon, FR



French, English, Swedish