Unreasonable interference. The Ground, the Benches. (2013)


The performance works with the physical proximity between performer and audience. A choreography of postures – culled from pictures of the protests in New York in 2011 – clashes and overlaps with a list of prohibitions of bodily positions and behaviours that was put up around Zuccotti Park to end the occupation there.


Created by: Ingrid Cogne and Elske Rosenfeld




May 2013, performed by Ingrid Cogne and Elske Rosenfeld, Up Till Now – Reconsidering historical performances and actionist art from the GDR at Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (Leipzig, Germany)

May 2013, performed by Ingrid Cogne and Elske Rosenfeld, Mumok Kino (Vienna, Austria)

january 2013, performed by Ingrid Cogne, Rundgang 2013, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna