The Sea Exhibition is experienced mainly through Sea Camps, spheres where artists from different disciplines meet to share their thoughts and experiences connected to the sea, surfing, diving, water and waves. The Sea Camps consist of a variety of sessions, like surf lessons, diving for mud at the bottom of the sea, claying, waiting, lectures, discussions, cooking and creating art in different ways. Anyone interested in The Sea Exhibition are welcome to participate in the Sea Camps.

The outcome of the Sea Camps will later be communi­cated in some way to an audience. It might be in the form of an exhibition, or a publication, in the shape of design objects, in moving images, on a stage, in a new educational method – or all of these things combined.

The first manifestation of the sea exhibition is a publication. An exhibition catalogue created before the exhibition has reached its audience. It is a way to share our thoughts, ideas and try-outs in this early stage of the project. At the same time it is a tool in order to raise financial support for the Sea Camps and make the meeting with The Sea Exhibition possible for a wider audience.


Ingrid Cogne, Oskar Korsár, Ivana Králíková, Aron Kullander-Östling and Jelena Rundqvist.