The Mirror Stroll (2010 -          )


The power of magic

The Mirror Stroll is a collaborative project Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE) and Kajsa Sandström (SE) initiated in 2010. It is a participatory work where children and teenager can, in the meeting with Ingrid and Kajsa, create space, illusion and reflection oriented events. The ambition of The Mirror Stroll is to invite the participants and passers by into the thinking of political possibilities of ‘being an actor’ in public spaces. Creating magic can open for different views and experiences of space, movement and representation.


Discovery and creativity are at the center

Based on movement, choreography and vision The Mirror Stroll is disrupting the habitual relation between the body and the mirror. The meeting is built on various tasks that invite the participants into a more creative use of the mirror.


Concept: Ingrid Cogne and Kajsa Sandström

The Mirror Stroll includes various objects created by and in collaboration with visual artist Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff

Supported by:  Danscentrum Norr - Development funding (Umeå, Sweden)



March 2011: Mirror Station in "Improvise the city" by Monica Sand and Ricardo Atienza, Architecture Museum (Stockholm, Sweden)
April 2010: Through Mirrors, residency proposed by Vertical Exile, Botkyrka kulturskola (Botkyrka, Sweden)