photo: Benno Voorham


One Day Statement (2010)


Ingrid Cogne (FR/SE) & Sybrig Dokter (NL/SE) on the notion of meeting through the media of words. One Day Statement is an “abécédaire” in between practice and theory, contents and articulations of thinking. Through performing they accumulate words related to their daily artistic statements.


One Day Statement is context-specific and opens the door to their process, in between private and public spaces. In the proposition they are, again and again transiting from a written format to a physical state and place. The “abécédaire” appeals to their inherent wish to make lists and remind them of their first ABC-book.


Created and performed by: Ingrid Cogne and Sybrig Dokter




February 2010, Supermarket 2010 - Kulturhuset (Stockholm, Sweden)