möte09 (2009)


möte09 was a choreographic project and an interdisciplinary and international meeting place that aimed to investigate the roles we are given - or choose - when we produce, use and meet art. 36 artists and theorists were invited to collaborate with the objective to share one or several artistic proposals with an audience, on questions regarding:


Formats of meetings with an audience/user

How can we search for formats of presentation of art that invites to meetings of inclusion and reciprocal exchange? How is art used as a meeting place? Is there an "aesthetics of meeting"?

To this process we invited the audience/you to meet, discuss and question, share the participants proposals, open process, blogs, discussions and parties. On the web-site you can see the development of the project, videologs/archives, etc. The keywords: format, meeting, audience, cultural politic.


Ingrid Cogne has been particularly involved in the concept identification. She was working, during möte09, on the thinking articulation as well as on the identification and proposal of a documentation protocol. This project has been thought and developed with other persons.


Concept and organization: Anders Jacobson, Efwa-Wiktoria Rodell, Ingrid Cogne, Johan Thelander

Created and developed by 36 artists and theorists



Spring 2009 in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Umeå and Malmö (Sweden)