Le bistrot du coin (2010 -          )


The project Le bistrot du coin is an investigation; an investigation around a place: a small village bar we faced - a day, and another, and many times - always finding all the doors closed.

Excusez-nous! Savez-vous quand le bar est-il ouvert?

Ce lieu n'est pas fréquentable.

Pas fréquentable?


“What does “closed” mean? Not respectable? Those words started to resonate in our minds and became some activating elements of an intrigue… From that moment we tried to understand why this “bistrot” was not respectable and what kinds of rumors it could activate. We met people; people in the bar but also around (persons who enter the bar; persons who do not, or almost, once a long-time ago). All those meetings created a really particular cartography of this small village. Le bistrot du coin: a rhizomatic project in many respects. As one goes along, unexpected portraits took shape. Time after time, going on our traces again and again, a confidence settled in and the furtive talks became precious relationships. Other life routes popped up and have been offered to us with a huge simplicity. We just let the machines run and the words -leaving our object- ended up in the memory of our recorders.” MB & IC


In between fiction and reality, Maya Boquet and Ingrid Cogne are questioning the notion and process of investigation. In between detective and anthropological investigations - by displaying multiple and playful strategies – Maya Boquet and Ingrid Cogne have shed to light some of the rumors circulating about the last pub.


It all started during the SU 2010 when Maya Boquet and Ingrid Cogne wished to take a coffee together outside of PAF. The pub was closed. From what they saw through the glass door, questions popped up and an investigation game started. They wanted more information...


Concept: Maya boquet and Ingrid Cogne

Supported by: Swedish Arts Grants Committee - PAF residency program 2011; Swedish Arts Grants Committee - PAF residency program 2012; SCAM – Brouillon d'un rêve 2012


Open Studio:

7-8 August 2011, PAF (St Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France)