circulation I-IV (2012)


February 2012, Inside Out a project driven by Lava-Dansproduktion(S) and Art Association Dzyga(UA) gathered Sergiy Petlyuk, Ingrid Cogne, Vlod Kaufman and Sybrig Dokter for a one-week collaboration in the specific context of the Scientific Library of Lviv National Ivan Franko University.


The library became both the subject and the background for 4 video works titled circulation I - IV. Playing with the inner structure of the library; the video works subtly challenge the access and the perception the visitors and/or viewers can have of the place and invite to a particular reading of its narrative … in between fiction and reality.


Initiator: Sybrig Dokter

Collaborating artists: Ingrid Cogne, Sybrig Dokter, Vlod Kaufman, Sergiy Petlyuk


Inside Out is funded by the Tandem program (MitOst, ECF), EU Culture program, the Swedish Arts Council and the International Dance Program of the Swedish Arts Committee.



4-8 December 2013, exhibition at the Dans <3 Stockholm International Contemporary Dance Festival, Sweden

22 May 2012, presentation of Tandem project, organized by MitOst and ECF at the Ivan Honchar Museum, Kiev, Ukraine

25-28th May 2012, group exhibition at the Museum Zemstvei in Chisinau, Moldova